How to Achieve Greatness

Posted on by Kate Ball


For all you DIY'ers out there...

So you want an amazing website, successful youtube channel, a brilliant record that's been perfectly tracked and recorded, and interactive twitter community. You can achieve all these goals; and yes, it's overwhelming.

Hoping, praying, dwelling on failures and successes - they'll get you nowhere. 

While day dreaming is a valid component to help manifest your deepest desires, there is a downside: it is possible that you can become reliant on your idealizations, and depend on "fate" to manifest your true potential. To break the habit, of not not "taking matters into your own hands" can be overwhelming at best.

The odds of someone "discovering you" or "making it big" are arguably just as unlikely as winning the lottery. Don't let this statistic dishearten or discourage you; unlike winning the lottery, you can actually take matters into your own hands to become successful - but it takes a lot of hard work and perseverance.

The key to the madness is to break your projects down into mini-steps and not be overwhelmed with the "big picture". Being emotionally, physically, and socially prepared when opportunity comes knocking may make the difference in being "discovered."

About that: When opportunity comes knocking, there will NOT be neon flashing signs (unless you're in Vegas) There will be no bell, whistle, or dinger going off saying "THIS IS IT! DO THIS! YOUR LIFE WILL BE SO MUCH BETTER!" So carpe diem. Every diem. The most trite event; going to a friend's show, a seminar, or shaking hands with a complete stranger, can unleash a plethora of opportunities that would not be available to you if you'd chosen to lie on your couch, watching Breaking Bad.

We're all caged by fear. All of us. Stepping outside of your norms will allow you experience, success, and failures will allow you gain perspective. Both will give you momentum to attain your dreams. 

Today is the day. There has never been a better time to be an independent artist. 

If you need help, ask.

If you don't know, ask.

Never be afraid to admit to yourself "I want that" and take it.