How to curb your funk & move on: A list of things to do when you're in a bad mood.

Posted on by Kate Ball

Whatever the reason, you're down in the dumps. Maybe your job sucks or you've had a rough go at things for what seems like no reason at all.

Here are some tips to pick yourself up so you can get onto living a happy, healthy, productive life style. 

Start small, and allow yourself to get into the groove as you move from task to task.


01. Dance like an idiot.

I bet without trying all, you can make Thom Yorke look like a sophisticated and well practiced dancing aficionado. Enjoy as your blood starts pumping and endorphins release!


02. Check Out Upcoming Local Events

Hot air balloon festivals not only exist; they're awesome. 

Hot air balloon festivals not only exist; they're awesome. 

Perfect weather is finally here! Check into local events, such as outdoor movies, free concerts, and street festivals! Put together a google or iCal calendar of things you'd like to go to. It's always fun to have something to look forward to!

03. Get all Dolled Up, Handsome!

Everyone has a different level of what makes them feel comfortable and what makes them feel good, so try to find what suits you! Maybe it's as simple as swapping your sweat pants for jeans for when you walk the dog. 

As for me? I love feeling pretty, and a little extra effort goes a long way. Whether it's combing your hair, shaving your beard, or spending an hour with makeup brushes and a flat iron; do your self up for you! You don't need a special date or an excuse to feel clean and good! 

If you want to, but don't know how to do your hair, don't worry. As a recovering tomboy, I didn't know the first thing about makeup or hair (even at the age of 20) and now utilize both to accent my wardrobe minimalistically. Learn something new by watching YouTube videos, or go to a make up store and ask someone who works there to teach you how to apply eyeliner & have fun with it.

After, flaunt your stuff around as you go about town running mundane errands lookin like a beauty instead of feeling like a beast. 

This guy does a lot more than yoga...

This guy does a lot more than yoga...

04. Learn Something New

Most cities have (cheap!) community programs where you can learn a new language, how to throw pottery, or dance the tango - do a little active googling research and see what kind of classes you can enroll in to!  

05. Find Some New Music & Listen To It

The more independent the artist, the better! Look for local indie bands through local papers, zines, and on flyers. You can always check out my music for free at

While you're at it... reach out to your favorite indie artists via youtube, twitter, Pinterest, instagram and tell them that you love them!

06. Purge junk food immediately.

And I don't mean stick your finger down your throat. Junk food (chips, cola, fried food, candies) needs to get out of your life. It will only make you feel cloudy, malnourished  (starving for nutrition), and fat. 

07. Try Yoga

You don't have to find an Ashram in India or own $100 LuLu Lemon pants to tune into your body. Simply start by attending a beginners yoga class and learn the basics. Over time, you'll learn to tune into your body & thoughts in a deeper way than you ever thought possible. Plus, yoga helped me lose 70 lbs.

Here are tiny kittens I fostered! iny things being cute! 

08. Do Some Good for Someone Else!

his year, I fostered three four-week old kittens. A NYC Animal shelter had run completely out of room and were keeping these three babies on a balcony in Queens where they were forced to endure the blistering cold. I offered up my time & apartment to these little guys to insure they were well fed & got lots of human interaction. 

Volunteer your time, resources, or simply take a friend out to lunch! You'll feel great afterwards and the world will be a better place for it.

09. Indulge in the Little Things.

If you're lucky, life is long, complex, and beautiful. If you're broke, bored, and feel down in the dumps, it can be hard to keep that in mind! try to take your time appreciating the little tiny details. Like the smell of sweat on a warm summer's day, something nice your brother said last Tuesday.

10. Don't Overspend!

Chances are that your new/used-looking sweater that you just "have to have" will end up out of style and in the donate pile by next spring. Don't spend what you don't have it. Your lack of commas in your bank account will only restrict and what's available to you in the future. If you're really hankering for a new wardrobe or video game, try looking into local clothing swaps, or actually going to the thrift store for legitimately worn clothing & sick finds.

Some exceptions: Printing Resumes, Continuing Education, Indie Music & Art, Doctors Visits.

11. Speak Kindly of Others

Gossiping is for teenagers who haven't learnt any better. Not only does gossiping hurt the victim's feelings, it even puts gossiper in a foul mood. Additionally, the people you are gossiping to are most likely judging you as a person for not only being a jerk, but for being someone that can't be trusted or confided upon.

We're all human beings and we all make stupid mistakes. No body wants their dirty laundry hung out to dry. No one needs their issues shoved back into their faces. Life is hard enough!

Try this instead: Replace your gossiping indulgences by speaking kindly of those around you. You'll be amazed how many lasting friends you'll make, and how many people will want to be around you! Doesn't that sound good?

12. Clean Up That Mess You Call "Home."

If clothes are strewn all out over the floor, dishes piling up in the sink, and dust is collecting...

Clean something! Anything! Your surrounding environment affects your mood and dirty things can quickly grow from being overwhelming to simply out of control.

Try this: Instead of making messes, clean up as you go along. Put your dirty dishes the dishes in the dish washer every night before you go to bed/relax for the evening. Shoot for small pockets of cleaning as opposed to making it a big event or chore.