About Kate Ball:

This Brooklyn based songstress composes an array of material focusing on the indie-alternative-antithesis. Dark, moody, pointed lyrics & melodica demonstrate this beauty's haunting association with the world.

Musician by birth, Kate Ball began performing as a child and honed her skill as a guitarist & songwriter through her teens into the present. KB's lyrical content considerably evolved to focus on societal observations: Relationships with the Ego, Consumerism, and Deities. A gender-defying skilled guitarist, Kate Ball sets a precedence for female musicians and has redefined angst-driven song by combining melodic finger-picking/palm muting/slapping/stinted strumming into a tasteful presentation that invokes emotional tension & release through out all of her material.

Trained in both Music, Business, Design, SEO, and Social Media, KB is a 100% DIY musician. She engages followers world-wide on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pintrest, and has over 30k views on her self-made video "Vomit Stench;" featured on YouTube.